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Customer Reviews and Ratings
If you are an existing Creative WEB customer, we would really appreciate if you left us a review. We will be happy with your review whether it has positive or negative comments, at the end of the day we are here to learn how to be better at what we do.


Very helpful and friendly staff...

“Thank you to all the team at Creative WEB for designing our website. Very competitive in pricing. Very helpful and friendly staff.”

John Hodson, Domenico's on Kings
Web: www.domenicosrestaurant.com.au
Email: dine@domenicosrestaurant.com.au
Phone: 07 5492 8889

Fabulous experience working with the Creative WEB team...

“It is a fabulous experience working with the Creative WEB team. They are creative, professional and friendly.

They are extremely competitive with the pricing and service.”

Elizabeth Austin, Providore Marina Mirage
Web: www.providoremirage.com.au
Email: eat@providoremirage.com.au
Phone: 07 55 329 390

Creative WEB has also delivered on the SEO side of our business...

"We have been working closely with the team at Creative WEB to develop a fully customized shopping portal that has helped revolutionize the way we sell our products and interact with our customers. We now have a platform that is fully integrated into our accounting, logistics and marketing channels. This has allowed us to reach a customer base across the whole of Australia without having to expand our physical presences beyond the Gold Coast.

The shopping portal is just one of multiple tools that Creative WEB has designed and implemented into our website. The team was also able to create interactive model selectors and savings calculators, which help our customers in making the right choice. The interactive component of these tools, means that potential customers are encouraged to stay on our site for much longer periods. The longer they are interacting with us, the higher the chance of converting potential interest into real sales.

Creative WEB has also delivered on the SEO side of our business. Increasing our Google ranking across multiple high competition search terms. We now regularly appear on page one for google searches such as “Hot Water”. The effect of SEO is not only in the increase of traffic it provides, but also the branding associated with a high placement is immeasurable.

Overall we have been more than pleased with Creative WEB's commitment to customer service, and the results they deliver. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any business looking for a real competitive edge."

Simon Baird, CEO at Aquatech Solar Technologies
Web: www.hybridhotwater.com.au
Email: sbaird@aquatechheatpumps.com
Phone: 1300 769 904
Mobile: 04 01 545 412

Level of service that will be very difficult if not near impossible to match...

"Where do you start? Shred-X engaged Creative WEB over 2 years ago to develop our new current website/seo and from first day until date, I have personally experienced a level of service that will be very difficult if not near impossible to match.

The team comes with great insight into their market and has/continues to deliver great results with a professional approach. Their competitive rates are ONLY a plus to the quality of service you will receive and we recommend Creative WEB to any business.

Well Done Guys!"

Andrew Odisho, National Sales Manager at Shred-X
Web: www.shred-x.com.au
Email: andrew.odisho@shred-x.com.au
Phone: 07 55 409 488
Mobile: 04 33 690 491

Great service and great products...

"We have found the Creative WEB team fantastic to work with. They conduct themselves in a friendly manner and have always been prompt and helpful.

In regards to the product I think the ability to customise the product to the customer is vital for online marketing communications. Great service and great products."

Stacey Dossett, James Frizelle's Automotive Group
Web: www.jamesfrizelles.com.au
Email: staceyd@jamesfrizelles.com.au
Phone: 07 55 838 888

Would recommend to all small businesses...

“Very affordable in designing your website and great that you can choose different options depending on the size of your business. Lovely friendly team to work with.

Would recommend to all small businesses.”

Diana Wakeham, Diana Wakeham Photography
Web: www.dianawakeham.com.au
Email: diana@dianawakeham.com.au
Mobile: 04 08 338 483

Creative WEB is the most professional & easy to deal with...

"I would definitely recommend Creative WEB to anyone who wants a company that is quick, reliable, creative and extremely competitive with price in the industry.

I shopped around and found dealing with Creative WEB is the most professional & easy to deal with, I love what they have done with my website for my company."

Adam Phillis, Managing Director at Simple Finance
Web: www.simple-finance.com.au
Email: dam.phillis@simple-finance.com.au
Mobile: 04 09 589 326

It is refreshing to receive such service...

"I wish to congratulate Creative WEB on the professional way they have handled our account. From the beginning to the operational stage your staff have totally supported us. It is refreshing to receive such service.

Again, please pass on my thanks to your staff!"

Stephen Holt, CEO at Australian Tropical Dairy Company
Web: www.australiantropicaldairy.com.au
Email: aegpl@bigpond.com
Phone: 07 33 784 258

As good as anything we have seen, if not better...

"This is just a quick note to let you know how happy we are with the website created for us. Creative WEB have helped us to develop a high impact & user friendly website that we believe is as good as anything we have seen, if not better.

They were always available whenever needed for fine tuning of the site. The advice & assistance through the whole process has been invaluable & we look forward to a long & prosperous relationship with Creative WEB."

Jason Hayes, Managing Director at JBT Motorsport
Web: www.jbtmotorsport.com
Email: info@jbtmotorsport.com
Phone: 1300 663 004

I am impressed with your service...

"Creative WEB: I am impressed with your service, pricing and quality of work.

Thanks you!"

Debbie Reeder, Managing Director at Reeder Models
Web: www.reedermodels.com
Email: debbie@reedermodels.com
Phone: 07 55 918 357

I’m happy with the result...

"I found Creative WEB team to be interested in both my business and the message and presentation that I wanted my website to convey.

They were understanding of my limited knowledge of what creating a website entailed. Once ‘completed’ they were always accommodating when I requested help learning how to use the CMS. Above all, throughout and subsequent to this process, they were always cheerful, friendly and easy going.

I’m happy with the result and will gladly recommend them to any of my clients and friends who wish to establish a web presence."

Ron Kreger, Managing Director at Warrior Financial Services
Web: www.warriorfinance.com.au
Email: ronk@warriorfinance.com.au
Mobile: 04 18 876 251

Recommendations on SEO has been invaluable...

"My family has utilised Creative WEB on many occasions over the past 4 years. Creative WEB has developed 5 websites for us and we have always found that price is really competitive and the service and the delivery has been above expectations and on time.

In the past 12 months the skills set of the team at Creative WEB has increased and their recommendations on SEO and website marketing has been invaluable.

I have no hesitation in recommending Creative WEB to anyone looking to develop anything from a starter website to a highly sophisticated website."

Brian Phillis, CEO at Total Dealership Solutions
Web: www.totaldealershipsolutions.com
Email: brianp@totaldealershipsolutions.com.au
Mobile: 04 11 600 100

Quality and the marketing results are amazing...

"Big thanks to Creative WEB for sponsoring the Rakuen Judo club on the Gold Coast. Without your smart online marketing strategies we could not of broken into the Judo market so quickly. We truly appreciate all of the efforts and donations you have put into the local community!

Creative WEB are not only pleasant to deal with - but the product quality, time-frames and the actual marketing results are amazing!

Thanks again, and all the best!"

Cristina Lopez, Director at Rakuen Judo Club
Web: www.rakuenjudo.com.au
Email: admin@rakuenjudo.com.au
Mobile: 04 66 896 760

I am extremely happy with the finished product...

"My experience with Creative WEB has always been friendly and professional and I would recommend you to any of my colleagues and associates who have a need for web development services.

I am very happy with my new website and I will work hard to make it successful, the savings I made on the hosting alone were awesome and very beneficial to my business in general, I can effectively use that money for more promotions to make the site work better.

I am extremely happy with the finished product, the site is easy to work with and make changes and once I get accustomed to the procedures I will find it a joy to operate.

On the down side, I feel that my expectations and possibly that of other clients is that we have a picture of the finished product and that is sometimes not the same as the developers and thus the time frame for the correction can sometimes drag on a little longer than expected.

My overall summary is... very happy, and I am looking forward to a long business association with Creative WEB."

Bruce Vesey-Brown, Managing Director at Teleselect
Web: www.teleselect.com.au
Email: info@teleselect.com.au
Phone: 07 55 649 596
Mobile: 04 16 110 055

Long-term successful cooperation...

"Long-term successful cooperation! It's our third time ordering services from Creative WEB. Pleasure working with you guys.

The level of service is above our expectations and we finally got an awesome online shop.

Thank you."

Vlad Chefanov, Managing Director at Zealsea Flooring
Web: www.zealseaflooring.com
Email: zeafloor1@bigpond.com
Phone: 07 55 00 46 84
Mobile: 04 33 328 100

Thank you for putting in the extra effort...

"Thank you for putting in the extra effort to create an awesome website that met all the emailed criteria I sent you. It’s perfect… thanks again!"

Matt Kinstler, General Manager at Party Spa Hire
Web: www.partyspahire.com.au
Email: awesometimes@partyspahire.com.au
Phone: 07 55 210 479
Mobile: 04 01 481 008

Creative WEB has our success as their priority...

"A high level of professionalism and being great to deal with makes marketing with Creative WEB an enjoyable experience.

This was our first time launching a business online and Creative WEB made the process easy. Their design work has been of a high standard and they continue to come up with new ways of developing our business marketing approach.

Creative WEB has our success as their priority."

Will Simpson, Managing Director at Transfinance
Web: www.transfinance.com.au
Email: will@transfinance.com.au
Phone: 1300 355 948

Establishing our business in the UK has been outstanding...

"Creative WEB: The customer service is always excellent. Your attention to detail is much appreciated and your patience in helping us to establish our business in the UK has been outstanding. Our clients over here are large blue chip companies and not always the easiest to deal with.

The installation of the Virtual Demo System has been very well received by our clients particularly as they all have large secure networks with many firewalls etc. Everyone is very impressed.

Thanks again, Alan and Lynn Dean."

Alan Dean, CEO at Sales Biz
Email: alan@paveyourownway.com
Phone: 07 918 653 392
Mobile: 01 202 300 326

Had a very short deadline and they worked until it was completed...

"Creative WEB are very professional from first contact. We had a project that had a very short deadline and they worked until it was completed.

The overall result has been excellent and we will use them again and would recommend them to any other business."

Katherine Danvers, Marketing at Hunter Valley Gardens
Web: www.huntervalleygardens.com.au
Email: katherined@hvg.com.au
Phone: 02 49 984 092
Mobile: 04 37 496 600

Their professionalism made the project enjoyable...

"This was a new experience for me. Creative WEB are very helpful in assisting me with the development of a website for my business.

Their professionalism made the project an enjoyable process!

Thanks you!"

Anthony Egan, Managing Director at Artz Cafe
Web: www.artzcafe.com.au
Email: info@artzcafe.com.au
Phone: 07 38 443 832
Mobile: 04 19 685 600

They really went above and beyond...

"Creative WEB has helped me make a clean and easy to navigate website for the online section of my business. They really went above and beyond in delivering a layout that makes my business very visually appealing to my customers, and gives me a strong online presence.

They have been very professional to deal with and always delivered on time. Not only am I impressed with the front end of the site, the back end system is easy to control and edit information and products as well.

Thanks Creative WEB!"

Daniel Collins, Managing Director at Espirito Coffee Company
Web: www.espirito.com.au
Email: dcollins@espirito.com.au
Phone: 1300 501 074

We’ve had amazing feedback on our interactive tools...

"Our website has been transformed – we are now a legitimate internet presence with a site that will impress and inform our clients, business partners and prospects alike.

We’ve already had amazing feedback on our interactive tools. Creative WEB were consultative in design, proactive with suggestions, and responsive to requested changes.

What’s more they are great value for money."

Cameron Wright, Director at Wright Finance
Web: www.wrightfinance.com
Email: cameron@wrightfinance.com
Mobile: 04 07 068 518

Website that helps us be competitive in the market...

"All our online problems have been solved in an efficient and effective manner. If we had any issues we could contact them at any time and get help. Now we have a professional website that helps us be competitive in the market.

We really enjoy working with Creative WEB. They found the best solutions for all our needs. They are affordable and reliable, I would recommend using them."

Olga Ermolova, Director at OLG Bookkeeping
Web: www.olgbookkeeping.com.au
Email: info@olgbookkeeping.com.au
Mobile: 04 33 625 216

Service has been very efficient and friendly...

"Service has been very efficient and friendly. I am very impressed with the logo created for my business. It is very modern, creative and professional.

I will continue to use all services available to me because I am sure that the advanced I.T. services and products provided by Creative WEB will create a website that will leave a lasting impression for those who visit my website.

Due to competitive pricing I feel reassured that I can use this organisation to help me maintain and upgrade when necessary a Website that will lead toward a successful online business."

Rae Bocher, Founder at Sell it yourself Real Estate
Web: www.siyrealestate.com.au
Email: raebocher@aapt.net.au
Mobile: 04 07 720 450

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