How to Create an Online Business – 5 Tips for You

1) First of all try to make this suggestion yours: your “It is NOT an IT project or it is not exclusively”.

If your is a small medium business you do not need an IT agency to develop your Online Business, instead you need the advice of a Web Agency with a team of experts with a in-depth knowledge of everything related to the web .How to Create an Online Business – 10 Tips for You

2) NEVER neglect the updates and security of your website.

If you have chosen to rely on a Web Agency as I wrote above it is very likely (even if it is NOT certain) that your site is built with WordPress , a very widespread system all over the world and for this very well known that can be violated more easily from hackers., on the contrary I assure you that WordPress is an extraordinary system only that it needs to be updated often to prevent it from being hacked by exploiting the bugs that hackers already know due to its widespread diffusion. The updates will help close all the flaws and make it more secure
avoiding a whole host of problems that I don’t want to address in this article.

NB this suggestion remains very important even if your site has been developed in another way.

3) If you have chosen a serious and reliable Web Agency and if the contents of your site are of quality and give added value compared to those of your competitors , your Web Site will spontaneously index itself on Google and all the main search engines and its main pages will likely get good natural rankings.

Without going into specifics and boring you with technical arguments that are or will be covered in other posts of this blog, I have included this point in the list to explain to you that these placements obtained in Google results could be nullified when sooner or later you decide or you will have to for a thousand.

Reasons to redo your site; if this happens, remember to always rely on the usual serious and reliable Web Agency mentioned above because by updating the architecture it is likely that the URL addresses of the (INDEXED) pages will change and users and search engines will no longer be able to recognize them making you lose the good positioning obtained!

If you want to learn more read this post of our blog in which we have dealt with this issue “in depth”, telling a case history of one of our clients.

4) In the 3rd point of the list you understood that an SEO Friendly website and good content can allow you to get good natural rankings on Google especially if you are targeting a local audience.

Now I want to add that to have even more important local visibility , your company cannot ignore having a business profile registered on Google My Business .

This is an absolutely free card that is very useful for your potential customers to find you in a specific location (restaurant, hotel, body shop, beauty center, etc).

In Italy there are still many businesses that have not claimed their business card, losing important business opportunities every day. Google My Business is the most important “connector” between the On & Offline activity of any kind of activity , for further information read our Google My Business guide always updated with all the news.


In the course of my “career” as a consultant, it has happened to me many times to see OnLine projects fail due to a wrong planning of the client’s budget. A good Web Agency can help you also from this point of view. The mistake NOT to make is “very simple”: avoid investing all or a large part of your budget in the website and in graphic creativity to be on par or better than your most important competitors!

My friend … your wish is legitimate and understandable but as we have said they are more important and probably have a greater economic availability that allows them to create a Website, Graphics, Videos etc without sacrificing Marketing and Advertisingwithout which your beautiful website, video etc would remain an end in themselves, unknown and unobtainable.

Even Online Marketing , or more precisely, the Web Marketing are essential for the success of a project , so plan your budget and facts advise so that it is used properly by finding a fair balance for all necessary activities.